Sailboat Sketchbook Remix

I was so hoping that oliver + s would have a basic girls shorts pattern in their spring line-up.  The puppet show pattern has been a staple in G’s closet as long as I’ve been stocking it with handmade things.  Which I guess is going on about 3 1/2 years now.  I love the picnic shorts is small and particular doses but they don’t fit the bill for a “Mommy, I can’t find any shorts to wear” pattern imo.  I’ve been making a score of sketchbook shorts for K this spring/summer…so it occurred to me that it could be a candidate.  I went looking for inspiration and found several options at jcrew.  I figured if it was good enough for jcrew it must be good enough for us.  So, I began….  I tend to use busy prints when I am making a “muslin” to hide any major flaws.  However, they also tend to make it hard to photograph the detail too.

I started with the 4T sketchbook shorts.  I would love to have had the size 5 but I don’t own that pattern.  I shortened them a bit and removed the faux fly.  I added 1″ to the waist band to make a 1/2″ paper bag waist.  I moved the waistband seam to the center back and added two buttonholes in the center front.  I used a lightweight pajama elastic and a functional twill tape in the waist band.  I think the next pair the tape will just be decorative so I don’t have to re-tie them for her.

The finished product turned out more than “wearable” even if they are a little small.  I know exactly who I want to hand these down to any way.

I think the waist would look cuter if there was more room in the back to bunch up.  But, that is easy enough to adjust next time.

The sketchbook shorts are somewhere between tapered and straight.  So, these look a bit curved around her rear when I wish they looked looser.  I’m not sure if I should make the legs a bit bigger more open next time or that will sort out by adding width.

I also think they will look better a hem width shorter and still rolled up once.  In this shot we rolled the hem up twice.

I also think I’ll add more width to that paperbag waist.  But, overall…I think I’ve found a solution to a shorts pattern.  And, one that should roll right into school in the fall in solids.  Hmmm….next decision is….do I buy the next size up in the sketchbook pattern?  Surely I’m going to be bored to death of it by the time K wears a size 5 considering I’m sewing a size 12-18m for him right now….


8 thoughts on “Sailboat Sketchbook Remix

  1. I really like the alterations you’ve made to this pattern and of course the written details. Also, I really liked the little shirts and shorts you made for your son. They all look so cute!

  2. Love the shorts! And I know exactly which pair of Jcrew shorts you were thinking of.;) Makes me glad I picked up the Sketchbook pattern recently even though I’m pretty sure my boy is too big for the largest size.

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