The Sketchbook Remix continues…

It has been raining for four days.  The kids are “recovering” from a very busy spring and early summer.  The hubby is on a work trip.  I’ve allowed way more tv and junk food than I ever do.   I have played in my sewing room and spent way too much time on my laptop.  It has been great!  My focus has been on shorts for G.  She has spent most of the past two years asking for a dress only every single day.  It is kind of fun to make something else for a change.

I knew the direction I was headed today based on the sailboat print shorts I posted earlier, but went to the bonpoint website for inspiration.  The shirts I am dreaming of making next are somewhere along that vein, so it seemed logical.  I came away with these and these for inspiration.  If only I could spend that much on a pair of kids shorts…I’d spend it on other things for sure!  Anyway…I’ve got two pages worth of photos…I’ll let them speak for themselves.

I’m posting a step by step of the changes I made to the oliver + s sketchbook shorts pattern (get ready for lots of photos).  What I didn’t photograph were my size adjustments.  I took a 4T pattern for my almost five year old and added 1/4″ to each side seam and the center back seam but not the center front.  I shortened them a lot but didn’t measure that part.  I also straightened out the taper in the leg.  The photos may not make a bit of sense, but are here if anyone wants it.  Oh, and it may never happen again….  I think you can click on the photos if you want to see them bigger.

*Oh, and I had already removed the faux fly from my pattern earlier.  It would be fine to leave it I think, I just didn’t want it. *

Now…If you are still with me….wish me luck.  It is STILL raining, and tomorrow evening two of my close girl friends will be arriving with their children to have a little “staycation.”  The population of my household will go from two children under five years to seven children under five years and only two of those kids will be girls.  If the rain continues…these walls may not still be standing!


8 thoughts on “The Sketchbook Remix continues…

  1. I have a pair of sketchbook shorts cut out in fuchsia linen. I made them 1/1/2 inch shorter and am going to add a cuff. I wish I had straightened the tapered leg. I love your modification. I am going to try it next. Thanks!

    • Those are going to be cute in linen! The first pair I made in the previous post were still tapered and they are super cute too. I’m guessing those were shortened around 1 1/2″ but to be honest I didn’t measure, just eyeballed it.

  2. Thank you for showing your remix steps. I was truly hoping you’d do that!
    Good luck with your guests and hopefully the rain will stop soon!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed a little look. Our annual “retreat” was certainly easier when we started this with fewer and younger children. But, my kids are SOO excited! And, I usually clean like crazy for house guests but get a pass today. I’m cleaning after they leave! Best of all…it stopped raining!! I sew like crazy every time it rains or is grey outside to keep from going nuts. I probably have SAD, but live in Florida so it doesn’t show up much. If I lived where you did I think I would need indoor UV lights.

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