School clothes already….

G will be starting kindergarten this fall.  G’s school has a “uniform policy” that reads more like a dress code.  Basically all shirts must have collars; each item must be a solid color (no designs, patterns, or labels) but any color is acceptable; and dresses must have sleeves if worn alone.  I’m still unclear as to whether dresses must have collars as well…fingers crossed they don’t.

August seems like a world away right now.  But, if our calender stays…July and early August are set to rocket by for us.  I’ve decided to try to chip away at a few things that will be worn to school before it is the last minute.

Today, I started with a basic white blouse.  In my opinion no wardrobe is complete without one.  Among other things, mom recently gifted me a partial bolt of 100% cotton oxford.  Unfortunately it was circa late 80s-early 90s, so even after laundry magic I had to cut around stains.  I did manage to get this blouse and one for me out of it.  I wanted to blog this one immediately so I can replicate what I did.  I don’t have modeled shots b/c my sweet model is sick today, but it is super adorable on and the fit is perfect.  G requested pink linen for the next one.

Front view. Blame it on the photo…but, I think my right collar is a bit smaller than the left!

Back View.

I couldn’t resist using a stray liberty scrap for the neck binding.

The other details were small, heart-shaped mop buttons I like the way they look, but mainly chose them b/c they are hopefully comfortable to wear on her back.

I started with Children’s corner Louise for my basic blouse and collar base.  G wears a size 4 in CC, but I cut a 5 because their blouse patterns have very little ease as they are mostly intended to wear under dresses.  I wanted this one to be able to be worn alone also.  Here are the alterations I made..

  • added 2″ length – then turned up hem 3/4″ and 3/4″ again
  • used sleeves from CC Kitty – but hemmed with a bias and no piping
  • used the collar piece marked “for 1/2″ trim” but used 1/4″ self piping
  • cut neck out 1/4″ (I basted the collar and then stitched a line and trimmed off 1/4″ before attaching neck binding – this was easier than re-drawing my collar) – G always complains that CC patterns are too tight in the neck if I don’t do this
  • cut line halfway up chest and split the front (adding the 1/4″ s.a. back)
  • moved the fold line on the bottom portion of the front 1″ in from the fold to make the gathers
  • lined the top yoke to enclose the yoke and shoulder seams
  • topstitched every place I could
Note to self…
  • next time cut neck binding a little smaller to make it a bit neater
  • Double check pattern piece for back of collar b/c didn’t quite meet enough – dont use one meant for trim.

I’ll finish with a few other shots that may or may not be easier to see the detail.  I think I need to start taking my work all the way outdoors for photos.


4 thoughts on “School clothes already….

  1. Such a cute little blouse. I love peter pan collars, but the gathering and yoke make it much more interesting than a plain white blouse.

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