Sewing for me

I’ve been slowly getting a little more confident at sewing some basic things for myself.  I’ve sewn for myself in the past, but only recently have I actually made things that I am wearing day after day.  The light bulb finally came on that I needed to make things that are more basic items and go easily with other things I may already have.  I recently made a few wiksten tanks that have been in constant rotation.  They are versatile, loose but flattering, and can be dressed up and down.  Keeping with the theme of mono-chromatic (my favorite tanks are white and blue) and two pattern pieces….I decided to give this vintage pattern a try…

simplicity 7768

I’m not quite sure where I acquired this one….it probably came from mom’s stash but I might have also picked it up with some others recently at a thrift store.  The cute lady in red caught my eye….and as luck would have it, I fit the measurements of a size 10.  I was a little nervous about the hips being too tight so  I threw together a sorta muslin (shoulder and side seams only) from some home dec linen I also picked up at said thrift store.  It fit well enough to cut it as is.  Other than sewing the neck with an additional 1/4″ seam allowance I followed the pattern pieces and directions exactly.

Whoops! I have iorn marks where my facing is in the photos that you couldn’t see when I was wearing it today. I guess I’ll pay more attention next time.

Since my serger is freshly threaded with pink, I broke my cardinal rule of first run on a new pattern with a non-uniform print.  I used some medium weight, pink linen I had on the cutting table for G right now too.

inside look

The pattern has a facing that I trimmed with some precious liberty scraps.  That wide piece of print was to patch where I got zealous with the scissors on the pattern notches.  It doesn’t show so only I know anyway.  If I make this one again I think I might like to bind the edges of the neck instead of using a facing, but I’m not sure how to address the v-neck with binding.

All modeled photos by G

Once I got it on in a better quality fabric with more drape than my muslin, I think I could stand to take the shoulder seam up a little to raise where the bust is.  But, I’m not complaining and think I will like wearing this one.

I also think the back had a little more room than it needed even for a loose pop-over style. I have several favorite rtw tops that have a seam up the center back to slightly shape them rather than darts and think this could be an option for this if I make it again.

These photos were taken right after I first put it on and it did seem to look much better after wearing it all day.  Is is weird to say that linen becomes a living thing after one wears it for a while?  Amazingly, this cut of fabric didn’t wrinkle near as much as I expected, which is good news for the school top I have planned for G.

So, there you have it…. a loose linen top!  One of K’s favorite colors to talk about right now is pink.  He told me he loved my “pink dress” right away.  I’m thinking I’ll try it again slightly smaller with the square neck at some point, but have no fabric candidates right now.


2 thoughts on “Sewing for me

  1. This is a very cute basic. I always like seeing the vintage patterns made up. Putting a seam down the center back for shaping is not a bad idea – unless you’d have to match prints, hehe.

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