My first collar stand!

I’m still here, still sewing, and mainly posting on flickr if you are interested.  This one I wanted to review b/c it is a new pattern for me.  Mom bought this pattern for me at least a year ago.  I’ve been patiently waiting for K to grow into the smallest size.  There really aren’t as many decent shirt patterns for little boys out there as you would think.  I love the oliver + s sketchbook shirt.  But, after making multiples this summer…I needed a change of scenery.  Insert, Kwik Sew 3146.  It also has the added bonus of a collar stand so you can have fun with contrast fabrics.  I made more mistakes than you can count.  Whoops! But, my mistakes having nothing to do with the pattern.  It is great pattern, and I’ll be making it again soon and probably many times after that.  I measured it against my Sketchbook pattern (currently the 18-24m size for us) and made a size T1 with 1″ added to the body for my two year old.  And, the fit is pretty similar.  The armholes are a little deep on this pattern.  You can even tell that from the pattern drawings on the front.  But, I don’t know how to adjust that easily.  I think it is just the style of shirt.  Otherwise, I ended up with a decent fit.  I’ll add a modeled shot if that ever happens.  But, with my 2 year old boy there are no guarantees.  Right now, he is wearing socks on both hands and feet and a diaper.

If you are interested… the right and left fronts are cut from different pieces.  The is an interfaced placket on one side and the other is a self placket.  Notice my big mistake?  I flipped my pieces and had to button this one the “girl” way.  The pattern went together great.  My stand is a little “baggy” on the inside in the photos but you can’t tell when he is wearing it.  The gingham I chose has a lot of stretch in it and wasn’t the best choice for my first stand (at least not when I interfaced the opposite piece).  I’ll also remember to prefold my seam allowances before putting the stand together.  The sleeves are serged, turned up once, and hemmed.  Other Kwik sew patterns I’ve made are finished like this.  I like to turn mine twice for a nicer finish, so I’ll add more hem allowance to the sleeve pattern piece next time.

I added a few details to make it a fun shirt like this little bias tag on the pocket.

I also added some corded piping and a bias cut detail to the bottom of the placket.  Never mind that it was b/c I forgot to add the 1″ to the placket too.  I love the way it turned out.I added a little green tag to the back of the shirt too.  I’m not as wild about this detail, but was worth a try.

I’m excited to have a new shirt pattern to love!  I’m planning on cutting out a few more if I can get him to wear this one a bit first to double check the fit.

I’m adding some shots I caught of my heathen on the run….

the ubiquitous drool five minutes after getting dressed!

nice fit