Croquet remix

Ever have one of those projects that you absolutely must tackle before you can move on to the next?  Something about the creative process I guess…

My inner sewing nerd has been racking my brain over the past few months for how to make the croquet dress sleeveless and still get a nice finish on the arms.  Tell me I’m not the only one who thinks about these things during all the mundane daily tasks?  (stuck in traffic, brushing teeth, cooking dinner…)  I love the croquet dress, but am just not a big fan of the sleeves in the pattern.

Well, The other day I shared my conundrum with my almost six year old.  She says, “What about angel sleeves?”  (Is it weird that my six year old knows what angel sleeves are?)  “Of course!”  I say.  “What a fantastic idea!”

Over the next few days, I never could find the time to get it done.  Last night, I broke one of my rules and stayed up ’till midnight sewing a frenzy to get this finished.

And….I’m in love!

DSC_0013I made the Oliver + S croquet dress in a size 6 but cut a size 7 length at the waist and hem.  I did this last year with the sizes 5 and 6 and it worked well.  We like the way it blouses at the waist.  I’m pretty sure this one will be a little big to start, but am hoping for some wear next spring also.


I used the sleeves from Children’s Corner Hilliary.  I’m not sure I adhered exactly to seam and hem allowances.  I’m only slightly annoyed that I cut one sleeve with a black edge and one with a white.

DSC_0014I used a lightweight, stretch, gingham shirting I picked up on sale (3.59/yard) from a while back.   I used some of the neon pink twill tape I bought this summer on vacation in Miami for the tie.  In retrospect, I should have lined the skirt.  I was planning on picking up some neon pink leggings I spied at Walmart last week, but I think they will show through the white squares.  I tried to run my twill tape all the way through the elastic casing.  It showed through as well.  In the end, I just tacked it in place and tied a knot.  I also moved my tie to the center after something I liked on pinterest.


There was some seam ripper love on the side of the back placket with the button band.  Things are still a little wonky back there, but I’m just glad I got all those little stretchy squares mostly aligned at seams and hems.

G took a peek at it on her way out the door to her FIRST day of school.  She gave it two thumbs up!

Now, what does anyone think about adding this skirt and casing to the oliver + s picnic blouse?  You think you would need some sort of placket or opening to get it on?


School dresses

When my husband asks tonight why we are having leftovers for dinner AGAIN, I’ll have to show him this dress.  I spent the bulk of the day cutting out and sewing G’s last school dress.  Our county has somewhere between a dress code and a uniform policy.  Any color is allowed as long as it is solid.  Blouses must have collars.  Dresses that aren’t jumpers must have sleeves.  And, the expected modesty rules apply.  This item was the last on my “to do” list that I started working down in June.

DSC_0018I made the Oliver + s jumprope dress in View B but with short sleeves in a size 6.  The only change I made was to use a deeper hem.  I used Kaufman Interweave Chambray in Strawberry.  The “interweave” appears to be a new line of fabric for them.  It seems very similar if not the same as their Carolina Chambray I’ve always loved in the past.  But, it looks to come in dozens of great colors.


I used my last five heart shaped shell buttons.  Truth be told…I’m not a fan of hearts.  But they are a favorite of my girl and seemed perfectly suited to a red dress.  The jumprope collar gives me fits.  I always end up adding bar tacks at the corners for strength and am never quite happy with my topstitching.  The other qualities of the pattern always make my dissatisfaction easy to overlook, though.  What is your favorite?  The pockets, perfect placket, or button tabs?


Since their uniform policy allows for “manufacturers logos” I made a little snail tag from yesterday’s liberty scraps.  G said, “Why did you put a snail tag?”  My answer to her was, “Because, it made me happy.”  She said, “I think it will make me happy too.”


So, there you have it….modeled and with room to grow.DSC_0014

She says she likes it!DSC_0016

And, you can always count on Oliver + S for a well drafted pattern with perfect proportions!

While I had her in a rare cooperative moment…I got her to slip on the two other dresses I have made for her school wardrobe.DSC_0031A view A jumprope in lilac oxford.

It is my personal favorite.  Though, I’m nervous about her being able to make it all day without getting in trouble for playing with the belt.

I also made a short sleeve version of the Oliver + S book report in orange mystery chambray/oxford.  She says this one is her favorite.

School starts on Monday.  I wonder what she will pick to wear first?
In full disclosure tonight’s “leftovers” are homemade crab and corn bisque.  Everyone will be going to bed content.