Birthday Party in Lime

Well…I guess I’m back at this blogging business.  (At least for now)  Flickr and I just don’t get along any more.  Apparently I have a lot to say, even if no else is listening b/c I’m not ready to give up sharing my sewing completely.

My first thing to share is this sweet Oliver+S birthday party dress.  I made it up in Kaufman essex linen/cotton in lime trimmed in Liberty Castille in Royal.  There has been lots of pattern tracing around here because after two years in size 5s my girl is moving up to the next size.
To be quite honest, I’m still not sure if I love or hate my fabric choices.  I must have been feeling daring when I decided to cut this combo.
It isn’t always the case…but, this time I slowed down for an extra clean finish.  I turned and stitched the seam allowances and bound the facing and hem in liberty.  Not that anyone will ever notice, but it sure does make me feel happy!
The tie seems a little long, but since this isn’t going to be an “everyday” dress it should be just fine.  I have a shirt all cut out for my three year old in the blue print but am still mulling over a few design choices.  I probably won’t be working on it for a while.
DSC_0025My live-in model wasn’t in the mood today.  Apparently, 100F in the shade does not make for cooperative children.
I need my “far-away friend,” Nicole, to show up for tea and help us style this one.  I started this dress intending for her to wear it to an outdoor cocktail party in a few weeks with sandals.  Now that I have it finished I think it is more suited to push it forward a season and wear it with a cardigan, and some royal tights I may have squirreled away somewhere.  Maybe boots too?
DSC_0029For those of you that have made this dress before…Did I turn my back placket piece upside down?  G has a very tiny back.  I’ll be moving buttons over for a better fit.  However, is that wider piece intended for the bottom and not the top?

11 thoughts on “Birthday Party in Lime

  1. I love the colour of the dress and the Liberty print accents. The bow looks the right size to me and each time I’ve made this dress the placket ends up looking the same a yours. I think this dress will be perfect for an outdoor cocktail party …. very pretty!

    • Good to know on the placket. I think her back is so tiny I scratch my head every time I make this one. She may still be wearing it for the party because I can’t seem to come up with a “better” idea. (and I’ve been dying to put her little brother in a liberty shirt)

  2. Pretty dress! I love how it looks from the inside too, nicely finished. I can’t help with the placket I am afraid as I haven’t made this one before.

  3. This is really beautiful – I love the fabric choices, and your finish is just perfect. I’ve only made this once, and can’t remember re the placket…
    Btw – with you on the Flickr issue…

  4. I would love to come for tea (if its me you are referring too).

    This is such a elegant dress, perfect for a cocktail party, I could see it with shiny blue patent leather ballet flats.

    I have only made this once and I used sew in poppers rather the buttons but it looks just fine to me.

  5. The dress is lovely! Re: the placket…no clue as I haven’t sewn this one up yet.;)

    Glad to see you back to blogging. I’m with you on flickr…I don’t spend nearly the amount of time I used to on there. Good for my time management but not so good for inspiration!

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