Little boys look good in Liberty

Back when I made G’s birthday party dress I cut out a shirt for K at the same time with plans for coordinating sibling outfits.  This is the outfit….



For the shirt I used Liberty Castille and my same old adjusted Kwik Sew 3146 pattern.  If you want info on the shirt pattern just ask, and I can direct you to my flickr feed.  Several weeks later, when I pulled out my ufo, I was crushed to realize that I had cut his first all liberty print shirt with the placket backwards and not enough fabric to re-cut it!  I made it anyway because really who is ever going to notice but me?


I used a crisp pima check for the inner collar stand and placket to tone down the crazy print a bit.  I even went as far as changing bobbin threads for the stitching on the collar stand!  The buttons are thrifted mop that could use a good trip through the wash as I didn’t see the point in scrubbing them too thoroughly.  This was my first time using the interfacing sold on the o+s website.  It is nice and light and great to work with.  I’m still trying to find a personal favorite interfacing.  So far, I really like pellon interfacing meant for knits best.  I’ve had quite a few that crinkle and do weird things in the wash.


For his pants I used o+ s new art museum pattern.  I had already made a quick brown twill pair this weekend to work out the kinks in the sizing and new skills.  My second pair went much quicker.  They are made in Kaufman interweave chambray (not sure the color name?).  I ended up making the 18-24m with a 2T minus ½” at the hem length.  (he is 19” at waist, hips, and outseam for anyone wondering about sizing their kids) I could have hemmed them even shorter but just love when my kids wear their clothes out before they outgrow them.  I also left off belt loops and ran 1″ elastic all the way around the waist.


My welts aren’t perfect but certainly the best ones I have ever made thanks to clear and thorough directions.  Something I did the second time around was switch to a woven iorn-on interfacing for making the welts.  I used the fuzzy type the first time around.  While either would work…the woven kind didn’t require a pressing cloth so was less fiddly.  There are times during assembly when you are ironing on top of the interfacing.


I did some satin stitching on the corners after looking at the welts on all of my Ann Taylor pants.  I’m not sure I like the way it looks on this two color thread chambray, but I’ll live.

DSC_0051I also added some strength to the pocket corners with a tiny satin stitch.  My kids can really put a garment through its paces.

As expected, three year olds make crappy models.  Here a few photos of K running away from me and a few blurry ones of him facing the camera.  It seems I sew most on rainy days so bad lighting is a common problem for my sewing photos.


DSC_0041 DSC_0046And, if you are wondering what those pant’s fit like under that shirt tail…here you go…



Modeled Croquet



G threw on her new croquet dress for dinner tonight and the light was perfect for some photos.  I love the fit, and she loves the dress!DSC_0027 DSC_0031 DSC_0036 DSC_0016 DSC_0014