Railroad pants

As a mother of an adorable little boy, there will never be enough quality boy patterns out there to satisfy my inner sewing nerd.  However, Oliver + S does a pretty good job.  I most love how all of their patterns mix and match.  You could almost stack up your fabric and draw your outfit combination out of a hat with good results.  This time I chose the sailboat top paired with a pair of field trip pants.  It’s a winner!

DSC_0088I stuck with some pretty basic design choices for both pieces, because I intend for them to be able to work with other things he already has.  I try to make K’s wardrobe as “mix and matchable” as I can without getting too boring.  He still often requires a wardrobe change in the middle of the day for one reason or another.  For the pants I used a cotton/lycra denim in railroad stripe.  I thought I was ordering Kaufman’s new railroad denim, but I don’t think that is supposed to be a stretch.  I’m not sure what this is.  For the top I used Kaufman oxford in solid white.


Since it is time to size up his clothes I went with a 3T for the top and a 2T with extra hem length for the pants.  I seemed to have overshot, and he is swimming in both pieces.  Next time I’ll take some width off the side seams of the pants pattern, as the rise seems to fit about right.


The only change I made to the shirt was adding a pocket.  I used a shortened back pocket from the fieldtrip pants because I happened to have it sitting on my table when I was cutting.  I think the proportions are about right.  This shirt is such a quick and satisfying project!


Though well worth the trouble these pants seem to take a while to sew.  They aren’t difficult but there are quite a few steps.


There are six pockets and cargo flaps to boot!  They are a big sell with a 3 1/2 year old boy.


I like to add tiny buttons at the corners of the pockets when I make these pants.  They are dual purpose as they look cute and add a little strength for when he loads them up with his matchbox cars.


Once I realized how big the pants were looking I also added a hem facing, so I can cuff these and get longer wear.  I turned my knee pieces and my hem 90degrees for a little interest.  I won’t tell you how long I agonized over the direction I was cutting the knees!


So there you go….one little boy in a new outfit!
DSC_0116And, I should buy stock in oxyclean.  I turned my back for a second, and he didn’t waste any time getting his new outfit filthy!

5 thoughts on “Railroad pants

  1. They were totally worth the effort.
    Gorgeous outfit on a gorgeous boy. The trousers remind me of the Osh Kosh overalls I had a girlfriend send me from the USA for Hugo when he was toddler.
    xx N

  2. Gorgeous!
    And they do look similar to Oshkosh pants/overalls (which are still a favorite of mine). You do make the best fabric picks for boys (not even a bit boring)

  3. I love the way the stripes go in different directions, it looks great. This pattern is on my pattern bust list. I just need to print out the PDF to get started! My daughter likes playing with the paper dolls on the website and so she tells me which items she likes together (and I make sly notes)!

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